If you were watching the “Bachelor in Paradise” finale wondering where Bekah M. was, wonder no longer! As it turns out, she’s expecting her first child with her boyfriend of seven months, Grayston Leonard.

Bekah took to YouTube to share a lengthy video detailing her pregnancy journey so far, including clips from her first sonogram.

“I was in disbelief and thought, ‘Is this really happening?'” Martinez told PureWow of the news. “I immediately called Grayston and then went across the street to the Dollar Tree and bought two more pregnancy tests. They, of course, were both positive.”

In case you need a little refresher, Bekah was on Arie’s season of “The Bachelor,” and her mom later reported her missing because she didn’t know where she was. At 22, she was one of the youngest contestants to ever appear on the show.

Luckily, Bekah is seeing this next adventure as bigger and better than anything she could’ve found on “The Bachelor” or “Bachelor in Paradise.”

“I think pregnancy is better than Bachelor in Paradise. Although I’m probably equally as sweaty, exhausted, nauseous, stressed out and emotional, at least I don’t have to worry about finding a man. I already have that one covered.”


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