“Bachelor” star Amanda Stanton’s rep says she is feeling ‘embarrassed and ashamed’ after she was arrested in Las Vegas and charged with domestic violence. Stanton was attending a bachelorette party when hotel security confronted her and her boyfriend Bobby Jacobs due to a noise complaint.

“Amanda is a gentle, respectful person who has never gotten physical with anyone under any circumstance,” her rep Steve Honig tells People Magazine about the domestic violence charge. “When hotel security asked her and Bobby to quiet down, she got a bit rambunctious.”

Indeed, Stanton is said to have given a ‘friendly’ shove to her boyfriend, but authorities didn’t quite agree with the ‘friendly’ part. “Despite Bobby explaining this was not an ill-intended shove, the police still had to do their job which Amanda completely respects and understands,” Honig adds.

Stanton’s ex-husband Nick Buonfiglio also spoke out about the incident in an exclusive interview with US Weekly.  “I’m focused on the one thing that’s most important to both of us, the kids,” says Buonfiglio, who was divorced from Stanton in 2015. “Amanda is an adult, and will handle this on her own terms. It seems to me it was blown way out of proportion. I am solely focused on my kids not getting backlash from this, all I ask from everyone that weighs in is to remember the damage it can have on our children. Of course I support Amanda, she’s the mother of my children.”



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